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Privacy Policy

I&P Bindra Professional Corporation ("I&P Bindra") is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy rights of our employees, clients and others as well with whom our firm deals. I&P Bindra works in conformity with all pertinent Canadian privacy laws. We are governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct of our profession. These particular rules ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your data.

We gather and utilize personal, business and monetary data from our customers in the regular course of our business. The data is utilized to help us in the preparation of your financial statements, succession planning, tax returns, business valuations, financial planning, business planning and many other consulting services. Apart from that, the data is also used in the preparation and filing of other returns as different regulatory and governmental agencies might require it. We shall safeguard the privacy of the data that is entrusted to us. We will not release or leak your data to a third party without your permission or knowledge.

Retention and Protection

In order to protect the data for governmental and professional reasons, and to assist you better, we will hold and protect your data for as long as we think is necessary, regardless of whether you are or you are no longer our client. We will utilize advanced technologies, and maintain high security benchmarks to guarantee the safety of your data.

I&P Bindra uses the most recent advancements in cutting edge innovation. The firm works with very reliable, reputable and large cloud based 3rd party service providers. Subsequently, customer information may be saved on a 3rd party server. I&P Bindra makes sure that all the information is entirely encoded and is secured via limited access authentication. Our customers should be aware that we cannot control the frameworks set up at 3rd party service providers and that is why the customer assumes the danger of keeping their information with any 3rd party service providers.

We comprehend that over the span of our audit of your data, we may become party to individual data that you have gathered on your workers, clients, and different relations. We ensure you that this data will be kept confidential and will not be shared to any third party service provides other than as may be needed by law, except if assent is obtained.


I&P Bindra gathers personal data only by legitimate and reasonable methods. At every possible opportunity, I&P Bindra gathers personal data directly from the person, but we may acquire personal data from several other sources, for instance, governmental organizations and financial institutions, or via the person’s boss in the event that I&P Bindra acts for a person. We look for a written permission where possible (we will also acknowledge verbal assent) for the personal data that it accumulates, utilizes and discloses. I&P Bindra may use personal data without specific permission when, for example, I&P Bindra requires to either contact or reply to requests from governmental organizations, for example, Canada Revenue Agency, and I&P Bindra’s professional organization as well.

If by any chance a person has deliberately given data, such person or individual has agreed to the collection, utilization and revelation of personal data as mentioned in this privacy policy. If I&P Bindra needs personal data for a reason that is not mentioned in this policy, we will personally contact the person to look for assent for such new use.

Restrictions for gathering, utilizing, revealing and retaining personal information

In all cases, I&P Bindra restricts the amount and type of data gathered to just the personal data that is needed to give the individual with right counsel and services and to oversee customer and employee databases.

Protection of Personal Data

Our company respects the privacy of our customers and employees and will ensure that protection as sincerely as possible. I&P Bindra saves personal data in digital and physical documents that are totally secure and to which access is limited. Unfortunately, no information transmission over the Internet that is via electronic mail or any other means can be assured to be secure 100%. Subsequently, I&P Bindra cannot guarantee or warrant the safety of any data transferred electronically.

Accuracy of and Access to Personal Data Gathered

I&P Bindra makes every possible effort to keep your personal data as exact, complete, latest and important as required for the purpose of offering accounting and other related services to our clients. We are focused on keeping up the precise and exact data, and encourage you to contact us promptly of any alterations in your personal data.

With reasonable notification our clients may audit their personal data and demand corrections if required.

Our Responsibilities

Each one of our accomplices, contractors, and employees are liable for keeping up the confidentiality of all personal data to which they have permission. It is extremely important that such people sign a privacy agreement regarding their acknowledgment of this duty. This agreement remains in effect regardless whether they resign or retire from the firm. If you wish to talk about our firm’s policies and procedures regarding your information security, please contact I&P Bindra by email at